Flight Academy Scholarship Program

Providing scholarships for underserved and at-risk students in South Carolina to attend Patriots Point educational programs is one of the primary missions of the USS Yorktown Foundation. From 2016 to the present, the Foundation has funded over 5000 scholarships for these students from across the state of South Carolina. Although we serve any student group from a Title 1 school, we focus on JROTC students from depressed and struggling communities. The JROTC program (as well as other military-based student programs) is designed to “teach students the value of citizenship, leadership, military service, service to the community, personal responsibility, and a sense of accomplishment, while instilling in them self-esteem, teamwork, and self-discipline”.

“You can see their minds working and the critical thinking. It is engaging and they are sincere in trying to do the job well.

If we did not receive this scholarship, we would not be able to come to the Flight Academy. We do not have the resources.

We are investing in our future leaders. They are the ones that are going to be making the decisions”.

Eric Russell, Naval Science Instructor
North Charleston High School Naval Jr. ROTC

The purpose of the Patriots Point Flight Academy is to create an educational pathway for our diverse South Carolina students to pursue Aerospace and STEM related degrees and professions. STEM education, starting at a young age, is the key to sustainable careers for today's students and to the development of the workforce in our state.

Through relevant aeronautical experiences, students exercise STEM knowledge, critical thinking, teamwork, and sound decision making to complete real world assignments. The aeronautical experiences are created in collaboration with existing aerospace and STEM related programs. As a member of the South Carolina Aerospace Education Work Group, Patriots Point is working with South Carolina High Schools, Colleges, and aerospace partners in the development of new programming that provides career awareness and introduces students to existing high school aviation curriculums. This immersive and cutting-edge program is a powerful tool that shows students what they are capable of and the array of aviation related career choices that are attainable and sustainable.

Want to be part of the solution?

  • Fund a Student - $25

  • Fund a Group - $1000

To donate to the Mac Burdette JROTC Scholarship Endowment please contact us.

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