Veterans and Volunteers

The USS Yorktown Foundation works closely with the 140 member Volunteer team at Patriots Point, and supports the Volunteers in numerous ways, including funding the Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum Volunteer Coordinator position. Thom Ford is the Museum's Volunteer Coordinator.

Volunteer Fund Program

The USS Yorktown Foundation announces a new Volunteer Fund program, created by a team of Patriots Point volunteers. This restricted fund is dedicated to projects identified and designated by our Volunteer team, and is funded by tax deductible donations to the Foundation earmarked for the Volunteer Fund. The fund has already raised close to $4000 for projects at the Museum.

Veteran Volunteers working to maintain our 2-1/2 acre Vietnam Experience by staining the boardwalks inside this immersive exhibit that brings a Navy Support Base & US Marine Corps fire base to life. Pictured here are Dave Sowers, Stoney Bates, Robert Newman, Bill Cassasa, Gary Ward. This project is being funded by donations to the Volunteer Fund Steering Committee.

Volunteer Fund Mission Statement

The Volunteer Fund supports the USS Yorktown Foundation by resourcing volunteer selected projects designed to enhance the visitor experience and fulfill the vision to honor the past and inspire future generations.

The Volunteer Fund is managed by the Volunteer Fund Steering Committee (VFSC), with Paul Watters at the helm. The other members of the VFSC are Rich Mady, Dave Sowers, Chris Barron, Steve Amos, Lisa Isaacson, and Kent Hutchinson, Committee liaison to, and member of, the Foundation Board. Thom Ford and Allison Hunt provide administrative support.

The first Volunteer Fund project is already underway! Supplies for the refurbishment work in the Vietnam Experience Exhibit by volunteer working parties are being purchased through the Volunteer Fund. The working party is supported by Robert Simmons and his staff, and led by Dave Sowers. His workforce thus far has consisted of volunteers Robert Newman, Bill Casassa and Stoney Bates, and Low Country Leatherneck Steve Driscoll, who have re-stained the boardwalks.

A second project, improvements in the Sick Call area in the medical spaces, has been adopted by the VFSC. This project will make this area more historically accurate and will create signage to describe “Sick Call” and the “Mission of the Medical Department”. Leading the effort is volunteer ‘Doc’ Barron. The Committee is also closely monitoring progress in refurbishment of the Primary Flight Control (PriFly) space, awaiting an opportunity to contribute.

If you would like to support the Volunteer Fund, simply click on the link below, and click on "Volunteer Fund" under Fund Choices.

Support Volunteer Fund Projects at the Museum



The Voice of the Patriots Points Volunteers

Scuttlebutt: The Voice of the Patriots Points Volunteers

Spring 2020

Issue 47

  • A “Pieces of History” Story – World War II Bombardier’s Diary
  • 2020 Volunteer and Staff Invitational Golf Tournament
  • 2020 Volunteer Enrichment Seminar Program Underway
  • Ambassador Program
  • It Happened on this Date
  • Volunteer Lounge Rehabilitation
  • First Quarter Volunteer Service Awards
  • USS Yorktown Foundation Announces New Volunteer Fund Program
  • The Ten Fleet Carriers that Led the Way: Dec 1941 – July 1943
  • National Vietnam War Veterans Day Observance
  • A Message To All Vietnam War Veterans (Revised)
Scuttlebutt: The Voice of the Patriots Points Volunteers

Winter 2020

Issue 46

  • Woody Caine Named the Patriots Point 2019 Distinguished Volunteer of the Year
  • On The Radar
  • USS Yorktown and its avenging strike on the Japanese garrison on the American island of Wake.
  • Two Volunteers Reach Longevity Milestones
  • Volunteer Profile - Peter Tobin
  • Volunteers Passing
  • Patroits Point Volunteers Visit National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola FL
  • The Yorktown CV-10 - What Does “CV” Stand For?
  • It Happened on this Date
  • Three Million More People Will Get Military Shopping Benefits
  • Volunteer Seminars Launched
  • USS Yorktown Foundation Update
  • Welcome New Volunteers
Scuttlebutt: The Voice of the Patriots Points Volunteers

Fall 2019

Issue 45

  • Lake Michigan: A Naval Aviation Gold Mine
  • Two New Volunteer Positions
  • On The Radar
  • Volunteer Profile - David Brüenner
  • Volunteer Profile - Randy Garrison
  • It Happened on this Date
  • An Update from the USS Yorktown Foundation
  • Meet the USS Yorktown Foundation’s accomplished and dedicated Board of Directors
  • Welcome New Volunteers
Scuttlebutt: The Voice of the Patriots Points Volunteers

Summer 2019

Issue 44

  • Arnie Stein Receives his 20-Year Leather Bomber Jacket
  • Five and Ten Year Volunteer Anniversaries
  • Historical Card Found on the USS Yorktown
  • Retirement of Mac Burdette
  • Russians Lose a Deep-Sea Submersible
  • A Salute to our Yorktown Volunteers
  • Flotsam & Jetsam
  • A Volunteer Remembers . . .
  • Welcome New Volunteers
Scuttlebutt: The Voice of the Patriots Points Volunteers

Spring 2019

Issue 43

  • USMC Sergeant/Corporal of the Guard Office & Marine Sentry Post 1 (Tour 5)
  • Bat Bombs
  • Thom Ford Takes Over as Coordinator of Patriots Point Volunteers
  • More About the USS Charleston (LCS-18)
  • A Salute to our Yorktown Volunteers
  • Flotsam & Jetsam
  • Welcome New Volunteers

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